Introduction of Arabic

Comparison of the difficulty Russian Arabic learning and test of Japanese

Introduction of Arabic Arabic is divided into One of [Fusuha (written language)] [Anmiya (spoken)]. It is a language unfamiliar to the Japanese, but it will be come even people who are secretly longing. Here is a summary of the latest comparison of the degree of difficulty and other languages ​​of Arabic. Arabic is a concern? So far for the Japanese, Arabic was not a very familiar language. However, these days that increased the opportunity to see in such as the media, will be some people that is a little care. In a unique fashion [keffiyeh (كوفية)] is exotic to Arabs who speak Arabic wind the cloth to his head, deep exotic facial features sculpted both men and women is attractive. Well as reminiscent of calligraphy of Japan [Arabic Calligraphy] it has attracted attention at the height of artistry. Somewhere mysterious, yet do you difficult visually beautiful Arabic learning.
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