Introduction of Arabic

Quite often? Countries to the Arabic-speaking

Introduction of Arabic Speaking countries Arabic, Iran and Iraq, I image that many in the Middle East countries, such as the Arabian Peninsula is common. Arabic has a significant impact on the language of the countries of peripheral such as Persian. It is or was the only official language is different and Tari was one of the official languages. So what will the country to speak Arabic as their native language the official language is how much? Countries that speak Arabic Total population speak Arabic is up to about billion 0,000,000 people, and to extract more countries of the population from among the many countries will be as follows. Egypt: million people Sudan: million people Algeria: million people Morocco: 0 million people Iraq: million people Besides, Saudi Arabia and Syria, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. Common language of the Islamic world Arabic Arabic is an Arab language is also used in Islamic scriptures [Koran]. In Islam, the words and sanctification of God was written [Quran] in Arabic, it prohibits be translated into other languages.
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