Introduction of Arabic

Egyptian goddess save the Arabic [Lego] and any of the ...

Introduction of Arabic TED is, it is the platform of [ideas worth spreading] (ideas that are worth to share). Like many of the participants, at the moment when the encounter to myself not also Yes involuntarily without share ideas, have been waiting a so-called [TED moments]. TEDGlobal was 0 surprised everyone, Koniku and grand vision that Oshirenoyaagabi was presentation of the Japanese version of article], LeapFrog start-up, such as the Zipline [Japanese version of article], aim to make the African Bauhaus] architecture for people who work on state-of-the-art projects such as house Christian Beni mana, already knew to some extent. My [TED moments] was visited in the final session of the day first named [Repatterning]. For the goddess forgotten the name A lot of talk of the session, I was deprived of my heart. However, it was me brought to me [TED moments] is, it Gadawari of Egyptian graphic designer. Wali believe that the graphic design has the power to change the world. In fact, the talk was that there is convincing.
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