Introduction of Arabic

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Introduction of Arabic Every word I Arabic? Arabic is an international language that is the Middle East and North Africa center and was 0 countries more of the official language, there are at any time of the United Nations Nozu of official languages. While there are different dialects (aan Miya La Haja) in each region, standard language to learn in school (Fusuha) is used in common in all regions, are native speakers have been said to be ~ billion people. That the grammar from the old days are being followed clearly defined it is also a characteristic, which is also a book before them if ,, more than 000 years learn, you can also read modern books. Arabic is the language that belongs to the Semitic language family. In other words, both the Japanese and English There are a lot of different points. It is to get used to, you might feel approachable difficulty. However, once you remember the letters of the alphabet, because it is a phonetic character, it will happen to the time being can be read aloud. Since Arabic is the voice also One of the main features of a flowing, if you keep the good luck reading practice to get used to, will be able to experience its charm.
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