Introduction of Arabic

Months ...... Arabic in learning began to learn | Activity Report Blog

Introduction of Arabic Hello! It is Tasai Ryo of Sudan office. This time, a little deviate from the story of the activities, I would like to talk about Arabic lessons. The official language of Sudan is I Arabic and English, people who speak English in the Sudan is the only person of limited layer, such as higher education, and visit to the village is particularly Rosinante vinegar activity areas, there has spread environment that does not lead only Arabic. Since the time of the work basically our Japanese staff are using the English language, it does not have much to use Arabic in the work. However, in everyday life, because there is also use the movement means, such as a three-wheeled taxis and minibuses called a rickshaw and Amuja, is on to live in Sudan you must speak Arabic even a little. And those who can Arabic, I think that it would be exploitable soluble in more local people, with Watanabe and Tasai of Sudan office Japanese staff, we regularly attend Arabic lessons. More than months began to learn have passed, Arabic also be very difficult to write to pronunciation, I will be really wondering what would come a day when Ayatsureru this language freely someday.
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