Introduction of Arabic

How to learn the Arabic characters in super speed

Introduction of Arabic Arabic is not familiar in Japan, there is only the image that it is difficult language, in fact, is the language of English, followed by French are used in most of the countries in the world. Since the countries that have the official language of Arabic, such as Dubai and Morocco are also countries, in fact, there are quite a chance to touch in the journey. And people traveling the Islamic world, a high hurdle for beginners full of esoteric and I be nice If you read the letter of the Arabic try to buy a book of language learning grammar, also lost my motivation of the long-awaited . Continuation of the secret of language learning Do not try to learn the perfect grammar from the beginning This is know! How it easier to stack a sense of satisfaction that I remember as a set character and pronunciation while viewing an image such as a photograph, from the Japanese without translation into Arabic, to input and output as it is in Arabic That there is a environment that can be learned and continue daily amount In, and then guide you through the specific recommendation of the learning method for beginners.
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