Introduction of Arabic

What feeling Dubai studying abroad! ? Listening to the experience ...

Introduction of Arabic What feeling Dubai studying abroad! ? I asked to the experience of Arabic study abroad! While studying abroad is nowadays not uncommon, I think you and niche feel and hear the Dubai study abroad. People to study in Dubai, what are you studying? Complex Arabic characters will be read if How much study? ? Dubai study abroad wrapped in a mysterious veil, I heard a story to N, who was the study of half a year in Dubai. 000 million people and it is conversation! Arabic study of attention N's (years). Born in Hyogo Prefecture. Short-term study abroad during college. Friends become the international students from the I met Arab while studying, begin to have an interest in Arabic and Arab culture. 0 years after returning home, half a year studying abroad to the United Arab Emirates University. Currently, in order to master the Islamic cultural studies, exam studying aims to graduate school admission. Photos: N's during a presentation at the university Q. While college was like a very ordinary student, what did you arrived to Dubai study abroad in the circumstances? A.
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